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Hiilaus – carbohydrate diet. High carb for weightloss

Hiilaus® carbohydrate diet – Nutrients

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for our body. From them, the body can release energy quickly. Carbohydrates are needed in the body for growth, muscle work, heat maintenance, metabolism, nervous system and organs so they can not be ignored.

Energy needs are also to be maintained during the diet so there is a need to ensure a steady supply of energy throughout the waking time. Therefore, four to six meals a day are necessary. Also, blood sugar levels remain constant when we eat this way.

One must also remember, that burning one kilo of fat requires 7700kcal of energy.

Proteins are organic compounds consisting of an amino acid chain or often a complex of many interconnected amino acid chains.

Proteins are the building blocks of all cells, so they are vital.

Finns and Skandinavians get medium fat: women 58 g / day and men 83 g / day.

Grease intake, therefore, must be controlled and set to a suitable level.

High carb diet

Hiilaus is a diet. A healthy high carb diet for weight loss maintains your energy level enabling you to do physical exercise during your diet. Hiilaus® is the best diet for anybody who considers weight loss, energy and well being in a single topic.

While keeping your energy level, you now have the chance to lose weight. Hiilaus® will show you how to lose weight, what is healthy food, and what is a good and healthy weight loss diet, ie how to lose weight healthily and effectively.

Hiilaus – How to lose weight

In short, the carbohydrate and protein needs are met, adequate energy supply is ensured, and the total fat in the diet is taken into account.

Hiilaus® is not just any high carb diet, but a diet program that leads to permanent positive changes in your eating habits, so it leads to a lasting solution for your potential weight problem. Many have lost weight with the Hiilaus® Diet effectively.

By following the Hiilaus diet, weight loss and fat burning will be realized together in a healthy way.